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Psychological Services

At Astute Education & Psychology Centre we aim to see you as soon as possible from referral. Referrals can be self-referred or made by a friend, family member, your GP, Psychiatrist and Pediatrician. When making your initial appointment, our staff will endeavour to meet your individual needs in guiding you to the most appropriate psychologist.
Here at Astute, we are experienced and dedicated in helping you with your individual needs. This can include but is not limited to helping you deal with:

Grief and loss
Chronic pain
Low self esteem and confidence
Relationship issues
Gender confusion
Bullying and harassment
Behaviour problems (this includes child tantrums, sleep issues, bedwetting, toileting difficulties and sibling/family aggression)

Educational Services

Several educational services are available through Astute Education & Psychology Services including:

General Ability (Intelligence) Assessments
Educational Attainment Assessments
Academic Year Appropriateness Tests
Year Level/Group Tests of Ability and Attainment
Student Well Being Assessments

Assessments are also available for testing students from a non-English speaking background.

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ESL Ability and Academic Suitability Testing (Years 9 – 12)

This test allows schools the opportunity to gain objective information on a student’s ability and suitability to enter certain year levels in Australian schools.

The testing is designed for non-English speaking students wishing to enter an academic institute in Australia and so assumes a basic level of English competency. The testing is specifically aimed at determining the year level a student should enter the school at.

This test also measures intellectual ability and from this, assists schools in determining the appropriate academic courses for ESL students.

All tests used are recognised assessment tools which have been validated and tested for statistical reliability in relevant demographic population. Tests include:

English Language Competency
Mathematical Reasoning Ability
Non-Verbal Reasoning Ability
Spoken Language Competency

All testing is managed by Registered Psychologists with significant experience in Education and Assessments. Testing will be arranged in consultation with a school representative for group administration. It is advisable that testing is completed in 2 blocks of 2 hours, each with a 15 – 20 minute break.

Summary of Tests Time Allowed

Reading Skills 60 minutes Group Administered
Writing Skills 60 minutes Group Administered
Listening Skills 45 minutes Group Administered
Mathematics Reasoning 45 minutes Group Administered
Non-Verbal Reasoning 30 minutes Group Administered
Spoken Language Competency 10 – 15 minutes 1 – 1 Administration


The cost is per student and includes administration and scoring of the English Language Competency, Mathematical Reasoning and the Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests. An individual report with recommendations for language schooling and year level placement is also included.
The Spoken Language Competency test incurs a small additional fee per student.

For booking or for further information on these and the other services that we provide, please contact Astute Education & Psychology Centre on 8373 7620 or by email on

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