Child Therapist

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It may be quite difficult to know when your child needs counselling. Common warning signs include extreme introversion, speech delays, and behavioural issues. If your child has started showing signs of mental and emotional imbalance or has gone through a traumatic event, then it is the time to try counselling.

It can be challenging to determine whether your child needs the professional help of a child therapist or whether the problem will go away. Every case is different, but a few common signs indicate professional therapy is needed:

  1. Your kid is suffering from eating disorders.
  2. Bruises and scars are the concerning indicators of self-harm on your child.
  3. Your kid has been through a traumatic event has recently.
  4. Mental illness runs in your family.
  5. Uncharacteristic behaviour or emotional issues are shown by your child.  

Child psychologists Adelaide at Astute Education & Psychology Centre offer empathetic guidance for children of all ages. It’s time to start getting your child back on the path to success, happiness, and healing with the help of psychologists Adelaide.  

At Astute Education & Psychology Centre, our child psychologists Adelaide use safe, effective, and calming techniques to help children open up about their issues. Children feel safe and comfortable working with our psychologists Adelaide. Reach out to us today to learn how you can help your child get the help they need. 

Our child therapist helps clients gain flexibility and perspective. We work from an integrative perspective which grounded in psychodynamic theory. Our child therapist focuses on the unity of the mind and body and creates an existential framework concerned with making life meaningful for the estranged children.

We are attuned to recovery, co-dependency, and helping children reclaim a healthy sense of self. We also help in the counselling of children who are survivors of sexual trauma. We make it a point to build powerful connections with children and teenagers and help them convey their feelings to the adults in their lives.

We use evidence-based techniques to do the therapy of children younger than 10. Our professional therapists introduce mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset in their training sessions with older children and teenagers.